5 Tips to follow if your Planning a Destination Wedding in Goa

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5 Tips to follow if your Planning a Destination Wedding in Goa

AT Elite Wedding Planner, We try our very best to post an unique, insightful article on our wedding blog every week. In order to help you plan your wedding in more effective manner.

Unfortunately this weekend we were not able to post an article due to our Goa Trip. The reason for trip was to visit our Client Proposed venue – Holiday Inn Goa Resort. After 7 hours of negotiation, we booked Holiday Inn Goa for Clients Destination Wedding in Goa in November.Before Goa Trip we had a hectic week were we had to travel to Raipur, Durg and Nagpur to plan up our Client Wedding in Durg.

This Article is focused more on our trip to Goa. Hopefully it will also provide you more insight in term of weddings in GOA and its Process.

Our Day Began with 3:00am 10th Aug, By getting ready for our Flight Mumbai to Goa at 5:25am, We touched Goa in one hour, There on we had a pick up services from the Marjoda Beach Resort, were we had taken a halt. Due long weekend holiday, We weren’t able to get any bookings in Holiday Inn Goa.

Our Stay at Majorda Beach Resort, Goa:

Lobby View of Majorda Beach Resort Goa

Majorda Beach Resort is located 18 Kms from Goa Airport and 12 Kms from Margoa Railway Station.It is Classified as 5 Star Deluxe Build in 1984, As an elegant old goa Touch to its interiors.its has 120 Rooms which consist of 85 Superior Rooms, 14 Deluxe, 11 Suites and 10 Cottages.Balcony View at Majorda Beach Resort GoaAll Rooms have Private Balcony for Privacy overlooking the landscaped  gardens and partly ocean.Its has Two Swimming Pool, 1 Casino and Big Lawn Spread across the Pool, It also as back entry to White Sand Majorda Beach. We really liked their service and their food quality.In terms of Beach Wedding our team has communicated with Marjoda Resorts Sales Team.As uptill now no beach wedding is yet done in majorda. Majorda is idle location in-terms of Budget and Travel convinces. We do have to take Licences for beach wedding in Goa which can be done in Majorda as well.We’ll make a updation once we get a reponse from their Sales Team.

Majorda Beach Resort Goa : Candid

  • Resort View from the pool Area

  • Pool View with backdrop view of the Beach

  • Cottages Lawn Area | Majorda Beach Resort

  • Lobby Area | Majorda Beach Resort

  • View From Lobby toward buffet and pool Area

  • Indoor Swimming Pool

  • Back Side Lawn Area

  • Exit Towards Beach


Here are Some Handy Tips if looking for Destination Wedding Planning.

Tip No 1: If you are planning a Destination Wedding, Please Start planning a year before, More the Time, More the options you have which will eventually help you getting good deals as well.

Tip No 2: if your booking a Hotel for your Wedding, Always Stay in the Venue. This way you can understand their Service and Food taste as well.

Tip No 3: Always go for a APAI Plans that includes your Breakfast, Lunch, High Tea and Dinner along with the stay which will save lot of your cost and energy.

This tips are very beneficial if implemented well.

As our client has booked us for complete wedding planning, we had a made up a Pre-Planned Schedule for our Two day Stay in Goa.On Day 1 we had just kept only two meetings.

Lobby view of Holiday Inn Goa Lobby view of Holiday Inn Goa

Bride and Groom Family Meeting with Wedding Planner

When it comes to booking Wedding Venue in 5 Star Hotel. The Process is lengthy as Negotiations can take up whole day. We first met up with whole family and discussed up the points where we have to negotiate with the sales team. The Price Rates were never a issue as in we had negotiated the best rate for clients while blocking the dates that to in the peak Season of November end.

Quick Tip – Plan your schedule smartly,Do not have any meetings the day you visit venue as it take almost of your day,meeting with other vendors can be scheduled next day

Tip No 4: If your booking venue for destination wedding, See to that if possible Dates are not clashing with charter season, Or else you might have to compromise on certain terms as there might be other guest staying in same venue as well. If the number of arriving guest are limited. Try looking for Venues with limited number of Rooms i.e. idle for your guest to Stay, So you can Book the whole Venue for yourself which can give you more leverage.

Holiday Inn Beach Resort Goa : Candid

  • Holiday Inn Resort Pool Area

  • Holiday Inn Resort

  • Holiday Inn Goa Pool View

  • Holiday Inn Goa Pool Area

  • Holiday Inn Garden Area Behind Pool

  • Taking Layout to Design Event Decor and Timeline

  • Miss Ruchita with Clients At Holiday Inn Goa

  • Venue Visit At Holiday inn Goa

  • Right Side Lawn Area toward Beach Side

  • Outdoor View From Lawn Towards Pool Side

  • Walk way towards Beach and Lawn Area

  • White Sand Beach Goa


Tip No 5: Before Negotiating with the venue, Hold a meeting among your family member, Decide on the flow of event timeline, Guest Arrival and Departure Timings so you can get idea were you want to have more flexibility from the venue.

It took us 7 hours at Holiday Inn, were we took the layout measurements for Decor Designing , Discussed event timeline, Did Food tasting, Cleared Terms and Condition in terms of various charges and restrictions with the venue manager, FNB manager, Sales team and Duty manager.

Issues we faced at Holiday Inn Goa:

Issue: Pool party was not allowed exclusively for our Clients:

Reasons: Charter Season and other Guest will be also present in November end and they cannot be denied to pool access

Solution: To Provide Exclusivity We Decided to make a Rain Dance Setup with DJ and Big Bath Tubs so that our client can enjoy pool as well exclusive rain dances setup.

Theme we Working on For Our Holiday Inn Goa Project:

  1. Rain Dance Setup – Neone and Rainbow Theme.
  2. Sangeet – Retro Bollywood Theme.
  3. Wedding – Pastel colour theme with white touch as Wedding is Sundown on the Beach Wedding.
  4. Reception – Bon Fire with Lazy Night Setup so our Guest  Can Relax.

 This are Some Setups we are working on as our Client had Requested us a minimal decoration setup with a elegant touch.

Most Important Tip

If you’re planning a Destination wedding planning, Please Start early at-least a year early so you can have many options.which gives to access to multiple venues options and inevitably a good leverage to negotiate.

In  Terms of 5 Star Hotels

  • You may have make some Adjustment if booking limited number of Rooms in Charter Season.
  • Take every deal in written as you never know when they can turn their words.
  • Go for minimal and elegant Decoration, if your planning for a Beach Wedding.

Please Lets Know your View, This was quick post on our Recent Trip to Goa, We’ll Soon update Blog with Popular Venues in Goa, Do not Forgot to Subscribe our Blog for our Latest updates. You can also visit our Wedding Planning Services section in order to view our types planning services.

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