Co founder of SReventplanners and EWP,+Sujay Pathak brings an unparalleled blend of experience, education and personality to each and every event.Currently he working on two innovative projects 360Brandmakers and Bookmyweddingcards with leading Private Equity Ventures.

Rohit and Poonam

Sujay and Ruchita are very capable and efficient and immediately won our trust by showing us they really wanted to understand who we were, our likes and dislikes, and our ideas for the wedding.Ruchita made the planning of the wedding stress free but that wasn’t all. On the day, she was absolutely indispensable. Ruchita is the type of person who really takes the initiative, taking care of things the couple might otherwise overlook, particularly on the big day. We were able to relax and really enjoy the entire event, knowing that Sujay and Ruchita where more than capable of handling anything that might need attention. I would definitely recommend EWP to anyone planning a wedding, even those who think they don’t need a planner, EWP will enhance your day!

Niyati and Chintan

We are so Thankful to Bhaiya that he found you guys,Without you it wouldn’t have been possible to craft such a beautiful event. Ruchita is a great resource for ideas and the vendors that she recommended were top notch. She organized everything to the finest detail and made the planning part easy and fun. We were able to fully enjoy our event without having to worry about a thing,

Great Management,Very Creative Ideas, Keep it Up Guys, Thanks for making it so wonderful.

Rajlaxmi and Deepak

Thank you for all your support around our wedding. We are truly grateful for the dedication with which you ran this project all along. Your creative approach and a real problem solving talent played a huge role in making this day unforgettable. We know we weren’t your easiest clients and your humour and words of…

Peter and Pranati

“Ruchita was extremely helpful and put us at ease straight away, Words cannot explain how very grateful we are for all your hard work in organizing our perfect wedding day! We loved every minute of it and would not change a single thing! Calling Elite wedding planners was definitely the best thing we ever did to make our wedding day so special.
I would definitely recommend EWP to anyone looking for a wedding planner.
Thank you So Much to making it so Special.!!!”

Nityasha and Shriram

If you want to feel confident that everything will go perfectly on the biggest day of your life then put Ruchita and her team from Elite Wedding Planner in charge! We had our wedding in New-Mumbai without ever even visiting that town before and never did I feel stressed or unsure of it turning out…

Priya and Amit

We wish to thank you sincerely for helping to make our wedding the beautiful day it turned out to be, despite the terrible weather! The venue was stunningly decorated. You guys are did a great job, Our Parents where like we have hired kids to plan our weddings. Later in event every one including our…