Every wedding has a story to tell. It is a story of two lives being entwined in love forever. Stories of two families and many personalities becoming one with a celebration of sorts. We are passionate and eager to bring that story to life. By being story tellers on your behalf, we aim to create a wedding that is unique and a representation of your personality. We deeply desire that we provide our clients with the best assistance, advice and support when it comes to planning the perfect event. A wedding theme makes your wedding more connected, it makes it look grander and brings more life into the festivities. Themes can be chosen based on your heritage and culture, on your life story, on your daily beliefs and your sense of aesthetics and beauty.

Our team of wedding designers will ideas with you and come up with a unique theme for each event. Themes can be reflected in design and d├ęcor as well as through entertainment. Leave guests with something they were a part of. Something they will remember your wedding by. Our team of wedding planners will curate ideas and references for you to decide what would best suit you and your unique requirements. A wedding is meant to be a magical time for the bride, a day that she has been dreaming of since she was a young girl. She may have known the type of wedding that she would be having from the flowers to her dress to her food and her entertainment, so we ensure that we help our brides turn their dream wedding into a reality without the frustration or the stress

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