Wedding decor, that is our main forte! More over from readymade, cookie cutter weddings. We believe in customizing our clients’ wedding. We strongly believe that each client of ours is unique and has a story to tell through the way their wedding looks. We have an easy to understand and effective process of décor designing and execution. We thoroughly understand our client’s requirements and budget, and then focus on creating something that has never been seen before with many ‘wow’ factors. We understand that every client’s requirements are unique, which is why we focus on what you want and what your dream event is like and we ensure that we meet those requirements and specifications all the time. We take pride in what we do and décor is something that is very close to our heart.

We have a strong team of design experts who will make your dream wedding a reality. Whether your wedding budget is big or small, we can assure you a design you and your guests would remember forever. We have a professional approach you can trust as we are experienced in delivering décor for all types of events and sizes.

We will be able to give you a complete picture of how each function would look. Through reference images, drawings and 3D designing, our team will make sure you are comfortable with the look of each event. Right from your mandap, sangeet stage, lounges, seating, table treatments, chair decor, entrance pathways, florals, lighting effects, ambience props etc.- everything would be custom designed and finalized before the execution day.

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